How to factory reset your Windows 10 using Command prompt

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The reset process may take about 30 oficial site minutes depending on the speed of your computer. If you’re preparing to make some extra money selling your computer, there’s nothing else you need to do. A reset on Windows 10 will help you reinstall Windows 10 and removes ALL your personal files. The drivers, the applications, the personal changes that you made to settings, and the applications installed by your computer manufacturer will be removed as well.

At this point, a mini image of the screenshot should appear in the right hand corner. Below the “Copied to clipboard” notification are options to edit, in case you want to crop or rotate the image, and to delete the shot. In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to record your computer game screen using this free app called NVIDIA ShadowPlay that comes with the GeForce Experience app. To use this, you need an NVIDIA graphics card in your PC. Some Android devices do not behave as expected when setting the device clipboard programmatically. An option –legacy-paste is provided to change the behavior of Ctrl+v and MOD+v so that they also inject the computer clipboard text as a sequence of key events (the same way as MOD+Shift+v).

Gaming Accessories

Forgetting the Windows administration is terrible especially when lots of data is stored in admin account. If you forgot it, first try to guess the password as much as you can. If the problem still remains, PassFab 4Winkey will be the best tool to reset the admin password.

  • The next thing you have to do is choose an audio source, such as a microphone and system sound.
  • When done, the latest version of Windows 10 will be reinstalled on the computer, and your data will be left intact.
  • With the native Windows Screen Recorder app, you can record your screen with just a few clicks.

So while the feature isn’t as helpful as Windows users might have hoped — it won’t completely replace third-party screen capture software — it’ll do in a pinch. Before you start using the Game bar, it’s a good idea to hop into the Xbox app and configure settings for the Game DVR feature. You can enable or disable it entirely, and replace the default keyboard shortcuts with hotkeys of your choosing. Oddly, the app doesn’t let you change the output folder for videos and screenshots.

How to take screenshots on Steam in Windows, macOS, and Linux

There isn’t much in the way of support for this software, which is common for open-source tools. You’ll need to take your time getting to know how everything works before you take on an important project or try to capture something live that may not be available more than one time. If you are using a laptop with Windows OS, EaseUS RecExperts can help you. The tutorial below will teach you how to record screen in Windows 10 with this software. Follow those steps to record full screen Windows 10.


Follow this post to learn more in video recording and become a better video creator. The background processes can get operated with hotkeys. If users require the speed, they can also use the dashboard to handle the recording. The software will also help you record the selected windows, full screen, and the users can also select a specific area of recording.

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